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CPCO® 2-Day Compliance Officer Boot Camp

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There are currently no CPCO® 2-Day Compliance Officer Boot Camp classes offered. Please check back for future sessions.

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Recommended: Two years experience in the health care field.
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Tuition $895.00

Total cost $895.00

(20 CEUs available to certified members upon successful course completion and a Certificate of Completion will be issued.)

Included Reading Material: Compliance Officer Training: CPCO®; AAPC

Additional Recommended Materials

  • Please be sure to bring a pen, pencil and highlighter, as well as a calculator.

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CPCO® 2-Day Compliance Officer Boot Camp

The Compliance Officer Training Course is designed for the experienced healthcare professional, AAPC's CPCO training course provides training for the multifaceted components of compliance. This training course covers key requirements needed to effectively develop, implement, and monitor a healthcare compliance program for your practice based on governmental regulatory guidelines -including internal compliance reviews, audits, risk assessments, and staff education and training.

Course Content - Day 1

  • Check In

  • History of Compliance

  • OIG Compliance Program
    • Individual Physicians
    • Small Group Practices

  • OIG Compliance Program Guidance
    • OIG Guidance
    • OIG Work Plans
    • OIG Fraud Alerts

  • Key Enforcement Laws
    • False Claims
    • Qui Tam Action
    • Anti-Kick Back & Stark Law
    • PPACA

    • Privacy Rules
    • Security Rules

    • EMTALA
    • CLIA
Course Content - Day 2
  • OSHA
    • Blood Borne Pathogens
    • Employee Training

  • Human Resource Laws
    • Equal Employment Opportunity
    • Harassment
    • ADA

  • Investigations & The Legal Process
    • OIG
    • Corporate Integrity Agreement

  • Medical Necessity
    • Documentation
    • Teaching Physicians
    • Antitrust

  • RACs, ZIPCs, MICs, MFCUs
    • RACs
    • ZIPCs
    • Audit MICs
    • MFCU

  • References & Resources
    • Federal Regulations
    • OIG
    • State Programs

Class Size
The maximum number of students will be 20 per class. Class size is limited and is on a fist come, first served basis. Should there be a high demand for additional classes Advanced Coding Services will try to accommodate students by adding a class to schedule.
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Online Availability
This course is currently not offered online.

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