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Course Policies

Attendance Policies/Cancellation of Course
While circumstance beyond their control may make it impossible for a student to attend a class, students shall notify instructor in advance, if possible, of any anticipated absences.

Should it become necessary to cancel class, class will be rescheduled within the week or the following week. Instructor will try to reach all students should it be necessary to cancel class.

If Advanced Coding Services cancels course all monies paid will be refunded to students.

Building a desirable habit of being present and on time for each class, will prepare the student for a considerably easier transition into the work force, where employers demand regular and punctual attendance

Three (3) absences in a 20 week course are allowed.

Students who have been absent are expected to make up all missed work prior to returning to class and to proceed with the new chapter in the original sequence.

The student will be notified by the administration that he or she is exceeding the attendance policy. Students will be provided with all necessary make up work in order to continue course. Excessive absents may result in termination from course.

All make up work must be complete prior to final exam.

Students on Leave of Absence
Should a student require a leave of absence during the course, they will notify instructor immediately.

Student will be given one year to re-enroll in course without paying an additional instructors fee.

Workbooks/Membership non-refundable fee and current year coding manuals cost may be applied.

After one year of student absence all course fee will applied.

Student Conduct/Termination
Students are expected to conduct themselves as responsible adults.

Causes for dismissal from training would be: 1) attending class while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs; 2) behavior disruptive to the class; 3) excessive absences; 4) failure to pay tuition; 5) physical or verbal abuse of another person; 6) theft of another’s property occurring in class; 7) academic cheating; 8) destruction, damage or misuse of facilities or property; 9) sexual harassment.

When appropriate, Advanced Coding Services will issue warnings prior to dismissing a student for poor conduct.

If you are dismissed, you may appeal in writing to Beth Schleeper, owner, whose decision will be final.

Readmission to course following dismissal or withdrawal will be at the sole discretion of Beth Schleeper owner/instructor. A written request from student should contain a summary of why the student feels he/she should be readmitted. Extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration. However, Advanced Coding Services reserves the right to refuse to readmit any student who does not meet the academic or behavioral standards.

Sexual Harassment
Sexual harassment is an offense. Sexual harassment is defined as any unwelcome advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature. If student or instructor has been the victim of sexual offenses while in class, the offense must be reported to Beth Schleeper, owner, immediately. An investigation will be conducted. Termination from course may result.

Students Records
Advanced Coding Services will maintain complete and accurate records for each student currently enrolled in course and shall make students records available and readily accessible for use and review by authorized officials of the institution and authorized representatives of the Arizona State Board of Private Postsecondary Education.

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