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Grievance/Complaint Procedures
All student concerns, complaints or grievances will be handled in the following manner. Students concerns, complaints or grievances should first be brought to the attention of the instructor. Complaints that are not satisfactorily resolved at this level should be submitted in writing to Beth Schleeper, owner.

Student will need to address their complaint or grievance in writing to:

Beth Schleeper, Owner
2929 N 44th Street
Suite 202
Phoenix,AZ 85018

Written responses will be given within five business days.

If the student feels more resolution is needed, a written request for a formal scheduled appointment with Beth Schleeper must be made within five business days. Send request to above address.

Schedule appointment between student and Beth Schleeper will take place within 10 business days upon receiving written request from student.

"If the complaint can not be resolved after exhausting the institution's grievance procedure, the student may file a complaint with the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education. The student must contact the State Board for further details. The State Board address is 1400 W. Washington Street, Room 260, Phoenix, AZ 85007, phone 602-542-5709 or visit the website address at"

Arizona State Board for Private and Postsecondary Education
1400 West Washington, Room 260
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

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